At CIID, we base our research activities on our sense of salient issues affecting the resonance of society and technology. We have previously explored possibilities for:

Practice-oriented projects towards a better understanding of cultural organisations like museum, science museums and libraries as they exist in a digital age. We have explored communication and collective digestion of knowledge, in particular of science- and data-based knowledge. This includes interests in exhibition, installation, gamification and communication practices, as well as artistic, performance, and creative production contexts.

Working hands-on with Computer scientists and developers, layers and philosophers to navigate ethical issues in the connected era. We are interested in exploring and prototyping tools and approaches to tackle multifaceted concepts like data and algorithm sovereignty, privacy, security, transparency, etc.

The design of interfaces and interactions with data increasingly forms a central part of current human cooperations with technologies. Techniques for collecting, interacting with and visualizing data create a framework for a general motivation of helping people develop a literacy around the role that data plays in shaping our lives, and the role we might play in authoring data. Digital cultural applications, bridging the experience of qualitative and (increasingly) quantitative experience, are central to this work. Further directions include tangible interfaces, tools for understanding and aestheticising data, and digital humanities interests and applications