Sony Fellowship

CIID has developed a new programme initiated by SONY’s Materials Science Laboratory, that has allowed the researcher Satoshi Nakamaru to take a one year fellowship at CIID from September 2014. The programme is focused on exploring the relationship between materials engineering and design and facilitating a close collaboration and learning with the CIID Research team.

The Materials Science Laboratory is one of Sony’s R&D Laboratories under the umbrella of the Advanced Materials Laboratories (AML) located in Japan. The mission of AML is to create seeds for future businesses of Sony and to support Sony business units. The unit focuses on identifying and creating new materials and technologies, to initiate new applications, and to improve existing products.

The main research fields of AML are: Organic electronics, Medical, and Environmental Compliance & Failure Analysis. The competencies at AML cover molecular design, synthesis of materials, characterisations and analysis at high scientific levels, implementation of materials into devices, as well as design and assembly of experiments and experimental set-ups.




Satoshi Nakamaru majored in applied physics and his research lies in the field of polymer gel material coupled with non-equilibrium chemical reaction. Satoshi works for Advanced Material Laboratories at SONY Japan, where he is involved in various projects spanning from bio-material based sensors, soft-transducers and R&D. His research interest is focused on integration of human behaviour and electronic devices through material and device technology.