Questioning. Critical. Creative.

Research at CIID is broadly defined. We aspire to break the boundaries of current thinking in the design and use of life-centered research alongside advanced technologies. CIID has conducted research within Cultural Contexts, Ageing & Wellbeing, Data and Learning & Education.

Radically re-imagining an idea, process, product or service is often strengthened through high-level, in-depth research processes. Such processes allow new perspectives, approaches and prospects to emerge. CIID develops design and concept research methods, activities and portfolios for industry and commerce to expand thinking and to invigorate innovation.

By fusing technological potential with a questioning, critical and creative viewpoint – our aim is to create new thinking, systems and concepts that have a meaningful impact on research, community, education, people and the planet.

Our research is put into practice through funded research, conferences, experimental projects and technology development initiatives. We have done this with local and international Universities, government agencies, festivals and other public and private organisations – and are connected to a number of academic, scientific and cultural entities.

We openly invite discussion regarding new project ideas, collaborations, public events, exhibitions and publications. Please contact


CIID @TechFestival


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