The CIID Nest is a project development platform to support talented designers in taking their innovative projects and ideas forward.

Our aim is to host and support start-ups with a design-driven, life-centered approach to entrepreneurship. The idea is to couple design, technology and business thinking. We plan to assemble the resources and network to give startups the foundation to build products and services that create value and are focused on a positive impact. 

CIID has a constant flow of expertise: teachers and participants from our IDP programme, and visiting researchers from Costa Rica and from all around the world. We plan to draw upon our vibrant extended network of designers, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking businesses. Start-ups will connect and contribute to this network, enhancing their own work and inspiring others. 

Teams will have access to a full suite of prototyping tools in the CIID lab. From laser cutters, 3D printers and electronics benches, to modeling, woodworking, and video production – every possible way to make your idea real is at your fingertips, along with the expertise and advice to make it work. 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for potential partners to launch a new incubator based in San Jose, Costa Rica. If you are interested in finding out more please contact us:


Previous CIID incubation initiatives include:


The Innofounder programme lasts 12 months with the aim to accelerate the development of your innovative business idea from early stages to the stage where you are ready to go to market or gain investment. The programme is open to any field of expertise as long as the idea is innovative and has potential to become a sustainable business. 


The original CIID Nest

The first CIID Nest ran from 2014-2017 and hosted a group of talented entrepreneurs who spent 4 to 12 months turning their ideas into companies with the help of CIID resources and expert advisors. The Nest was sector-agnostic and welcomed impact-driven startups from any industry. It was made possible through generous co-financing by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth.

The Nest paired each team with a specific mentor, chosen from a field of over 50 design and business experts from around the globe. The mentors were selected based on the focus and needs of the individual start-up, to help guide development and provide constructive feedback. Members of the extensive CIID network also attended organised Demo Days, providing a unique opportunity to pitch for potential investment.

Nest Platform

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