Yaniv Steiner

Visiting Faculty
Nationality: Israeli

Fascinated by his first computer in 1984 Yaniv started his long voyage in the realm of digital media. Initially, he delved into digital hardware and software development acquiring a vast knowledge in computer and micro-controller hardware and spent uncounted hours programming, until mastering a wide range of computer languages. Alongside, he developed an all-encompassing passion for computer games, playing them by the thousands and building, developing and designing his own.

Having gained in-depth knowledge in the development and application of new technologies during many years of work as programmer, human-computer interaction designer, information architect and consultant, Later Yaniv moved to Italy and started teaching at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. I

n his teaching, Yaniv has implemented his own method of ‘learning by doing’ developing a hands-on approach that provides designers and artists with tools to help them enter the world of computers, programming and prototyping concepts that involve digital behaviors, thus enabling them to produce interactive artifacts.