Pierluigi Dalla Rosa

Pierluigi is a lead designer at NIO, where he is exploring, inventing and prototyping the future of automotive. Prior to NIO, Pierluigi had the chance to lead teams of researchers, artists and designers to create thought-provoking exhibitions, like the Museum of The Future Government Services commissioned by the Prime Minister Office of Dubai, or immersive installations like the award-winning experiential marketing campaign S7 The Imagination Machine. Pierluigi was involved also in the creation of innovative product concepts for companies like Panasonic, LEGO, and Philips.

As a designer, Pierluigi uses the tools of animation, experimental photography, electronics, and computer science to create experiences that were not yet invented.

Pierluigi is process oriented and develops new strategies and tools for brainstorming and prototyping. tramontana and tramontanaCV are two examples of open source tools, that Pierluigi created, for helping designers, artists and technologists to prototype at scale artifacts and experiences. These tools are the building blocks of the classes of Interactive Spaces and Physical Computing that Pierluigi teaches at Strelka Institute in Moscow and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

He holds a master degree in Cinema and Media Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and a double degree from the excellence program Alta Scuola Politecnica. Pierluigi is an alumnus of the Interaction design program at CIID.