Minnie Bredouw

Minnie is a Product Director at IDEO, where she leads The Purpose Project—a program helping young people build agency and self-direction. She also runs workshops and project on design, inclusion, and equity through her organization, Studio Bredouw. In addition, she currently serves as a professor of design and innovation at California College of the Arts and Copenhagen Institute of Design

She has worked with clients such the World Bank, Nike Foundation, United Nations, US AID, Google, Change.org, and TED, to name a few. She has lead initiatives that range from designing a multi-national reproductive health program for teens, to a digital coaching platform to help first generation college students succeed in higher education.

Prior to her current roles, she has served as a creative lead at global design companies such as ideo.org, and frog design. With over a decade of creative consulting under her belt, her work has won awards from Webby, IDSA, Core 77, and an Edison Prize, and been featured in the World Economic Forum, TED, Bloomberg, and Fast Company, to name a few. Minnie is passionate about empowering others through the design process, and in her spare time, she writes and teaches on this topic.