Mary Wharmby

Mary Wharmby is a design leader, strategist and educator with almost 20 years experience successfully guiding teams in the creation of customer-facing products and services as well as employee-facing tools and systems.

With a passion for pushing the discipline of design into new areas and challenges, her career has spanned start-up, corporate in-house, and consultancy roles, as well as industries as diverse as banking, e-commerce, education and games. She has an MFA in New Media her designer/problem solver side and a MA in International Relations, her systems analyst/researcher side. She has lived and worked in the US, Spain, Germany, Russia and India.

Her method leverages design to help organizations respond to change and organically transform from within. The same design methods and principles that create amazing products and services for customers are equally applicable to building strong, innovative and change-embracing teams, processes and cultures.

Mary is the former Head of Design Transformation at BBVA where she architected and led a team dedicated to driving innovation by strategically infusing design across the entire organisation. She is currently co-founder and Head Strategist of the challenger consultancy, Design Transformation LLC.