Karen Hentschel

Karen is an interaction designer in IDEO’s Munich story, aiming to find simple, sustainable answers to complex questions.

She’s driven by a curiosity about desires, behaviours and needs. Combined with a passion for data visualisation and information architecture, that translates into designing meaningful, engaging and relevant user experiences.

Prior to IDEO, Karen worked at service design agency Fjord, and Berlin-based design consultancy Raureif. There, she shaped innovative solutions across a variety of sectors, including a mobile wallet for the unbanked, and a more accessible interface for OECD data. Karen was also part of Nokia mapping service Here’s ‘UX-cellence’ team, creating a holistic cross-device experience.

Karen holds a BA in Interaction Design from the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. She has created a number of data visualisations, to open up discussions about political questions such as the Allies withdrawal from Afghanistan, the role of arms-selling European states in Libya’s civil war, as well as exploring societal systems including schools, and class.

Outside of work Karen, loves exploring new music, and the world: its people, mountains, waves and foods.