Joachim Halse

Faculty (DKDS)
Country: Denmark

When we as human beings express our dreams, values and aspirations from our particular positions in the world, we express new potentials for design. This is as true for any janitor, schoolteacher or grandmother as it is for engineers, designers, or business strategists.

The innovation potential of everyday life is one of the areas that Joachim Halse explores in his research. With a combined background in anthropology and interaction design, Joachim experiments with building hybrid practices between anthropological studies of everyday life and design-oriented articulations of new possibilities.

Joachim is researching how design ideas can be performed early in the design process, as if the imagined artifacts were already in place in the contexts where they are intended to operate and with the people who are intended to benefit from them. His most current research on this topic in the area of waste handling is published in the book “Rehearsing the Future” (2010) co-edited with Brandt, Clark and Binder.

Joachim is Assistant Professor at The Danish Design School, but works closely with design consultancies and companies to develop and promote the use of exploratory design methods.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the IT University of Copenhagen. In 2008, he earned a Ph.D. in Design Anthropology from the IT University of Copenhagen.