Jennifer Kay

Visiting Faculty
Country: Scotland

Jennifer left Denmark 4 years ago with two very beautiful, and expensive, things. One, a penchant for Danish furniture, the second – a precious ‘CIID’-like disposition for people and process .  Now based in London, she works in Intel’s UX team designing modular, far-reaching concepts that enable and push technology into new spaces. Beyond the ideas, she has helped evolve the process, tools and output of their small UX team to gain traction for User Experience in a large global engineering company.

Jennifer sees coming up with ideas, like a trickery of the mind. She believes we can play with our perception of different situations, people and technology to spot the gaps and create new experiences. The triggers lie everywhere – it’s just about knowing where, what and why it will matter.

Previous to Intel, Jennifer worked at agency, Native for some of the leading international automotive, audio and technology brands. Prior to this she gained her Master of Interaction Design at CIID, and an Honours degree in Product/Service design at the Glasgow School of Art. She has previously exhibited at MOMA (Talk to Me exhibition 2011) and has projects published in the publications Touch of Code’, Gestalten and  ‘Functional Aesthetics’ by Sabine Seymour.