Clara Subirats Ribas

Upon graduating with a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Clara started working for Spanish public television (TVE) as an audiovisual graphic designer.

After 2 years she created her own communication studio in Barcelona, named LaFamilia. Her role in the company as creative director gave her the opportunity to understand the processes involved with all kinds of projects. It led her to immerse herself in the fields of participation and interaction from a practical and theoretical point of view.

Following these years of intense professional experience, she joined the IDP Programme at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, where she had the opportunity to deep dive into Human Centered Design Thinking, as well as, to work with emerging technologies (Machine Learning, Connected Devices or VR), finding solutions to human challenges.

Now, she is leading the Advanced Design Group at HP, an innovation lab that envision possible futures (through Design Thinking and sprints), help HP to understand how to get there (experience roadmaps and design strategy) by incubating some ideas through lean experimentation processes.