Christopher Scales

Visiting Faculty
Nationality: British

Christopher holds a 12-year proven track record as a product designer, researcher and concept developer. He has worked across Europe and the US applying his skills to consumer electronics, telecoms, automotive, toys and FMCG’s. He has worked for Nokia, Audi, Lego, Casio and Samsung amongst others. Whether it be identifying user needs, mapping intuitive Ui’s or designing great looking products, Christopher’s rich array of experience from user research through to product delivery affords him a natural ability to navigate between the varied design challenges confronted throughout the product development process.

A product design graduate of the Royal College London, Christopher has worked on various products launched to market, including the Nokia 8800 and 5300, Lego Mindstorms NXT, and the Audi R7. He has also spent time working at the front end, leading concepting programmes such as touch screen devices for Nokia and internet enabled devices for Casio.

More recently, he has been working closely with social scientists to apply Ethnographic research methods to help companies advance innovation in new products and services. Projects he managed in this way include the development of a new range of skin care products for Nivea and designing a next generation television user interface for Samsung.

Christopher currently works as an independent design consultant, offering services in product design, user research and concept development. He lives in Copenhagen with his girlfriend and son.