Carl Emil Carlsen

Country: Denmark

Carl Emil Carlsen (1982) is an independent artist who explores computation as a means of creating sensory experiences. Most of his installation and performance works employ various sorts of mixed reality techniques to integrate virtual simulations into physical environments. In this hybrid space, his works unfold interactively, always generating new variations of synthetic patterns, form, motion and behaviour. Inspired by biological and natural phenomena, he investigates new ways of making digital expression appear authentic and alive.

For his audiovisual performances, notably Silicium with electronic musician Bjørn Svin, the focus is to unite auditive and visual expression while retaining the vitality of live music experience. This line of work involves the continuous development of personalized live instruments for improvising generative graphics.

Carl Emil has contributed to the interactive art scene since 2003 and has received multiple grants from the Danish Arts Foundation for his productions. Most recently, his work has been featured at the Ars Electronica (Linz), Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen) and Click Festival (Helsingør).

Apart from his personal artistic practice, he collaborates with groups and cultural companies to create interactive experiences and new formats. He also has a history of giving lectures and conducting workshops on interactive media.