Bjørn Karmann

Nationality: Denmark

Bjørn Karmann is a senior designer at Tellart, Amsterdam.
Professionally he is currently the lead experience designer for the UAE host pavilion in Dubai, but personly he is currently advocating for privacy and ethics together with Ars Electronica and his traveling exhibition Project Alias.
He holds a Master’s Degree in Interaction Design from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design from Kolding Design School. Graduating from CIID with the highest honor, his graduation project ‘The Objectifier’ has won multiple awards and pushed the thinking of machine learning as a means of design tool and enriching spatial interaction. Bjørn combines his curiosity for new and emerging technologies with ways of having a social impact with a humanistic approach.

With experience in design, installation art, robotics, and physical computing, he works across multiple disciplines to tell meaningful stories between physical and virtual space.