Bethany Snyder

After graduating from CIID in 2014, Bethany has since found herself in various design positions within the advertising and media industries in New York. Her background in architecture and experience at CIID has translated into a passion for design strategy and information architecture. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she loves to define the undefined, and ask questions that ruffle feathers, but produce results.

For the past two years Bethany has worked as a product designer at The New York Times, first on the NYT Cooking team, and more recently, at Wirecutter, The Times’s product recommendation website. Her current focus at Wirecutter is on expanding and building out a new team called Relationship, whose main goal is to develop and iterate on ways to deepen engagement with its readers. At NYT Cooking she helped to launch their successful digital subscription business, and designed their first ever make-your-own cookbook product. Before that she worked as an experience designer at Digitas LBi, a digital ad agency, and led UX on a range of efforts from defining a new telehealth experience at Teladoc, to improving the way small businesses do business at American Express.

An avid traveler and brunch enthusiast, Bethany enjoys casual design engagements and delicious encounters in far-off lands. If you see her on the street, ask her if she owns any clothes that aren’t black. The answer is no.