Ankkit Modi

As a designer, frugal technologist, and new media artist Ankkit is interested in creating tools-for-the-internet, simple-sensors, and multi-sensory environments. Ankkit believes that present/future technological advancements = people + culture. He daydreams about joyful ways to subvert the status quo and how to share links with as many people as possible.

Like every other designer, Ankkit has worked with/for Mozilla, Google, Lego, A.R.Rahman. Ankkit worked at CIID as a creative technologist (across Innovation Studios, Education, and Research) and prior to that at EVRY in Oslo, Maatrum in Chennai, TernUp in Bangalore, Eyebeam in New York, Pilotfish in Munich, & Experiential Design Labs in Delhi. Ankkit graduated from CIID in Copenhagen and Srishti in Bangalore.

Ankkit is currently an Ocean Discovery Fellow at MIT, working on a tool called Tramontana with 3 others, tending to an agriculture farm in India, and trying to write a funny book.