Angela Bartorillo

Angela is a business designer specialising in designing for the circular economy in the retail space. She has focused bringing circular to life with people at the heart of design. For the last four years, Angela has contributed to the development of the strategy and approach to transforming IKEA into a Circular company, leading human-centered explorations in multiple countries and bringing circular business models to life. Steering operational and strategic approaches in multiple parts of the value chain with primary focus on how we engage with customers.

Angela believes that by rethinking our approach to retail and to production, and to our personal relationship with our things, we can create an impact on the planet and a new perspective on the value of things. She believes that everyone has a role, and that small actions can have big impact, and that by creating movement among people we can take many small steps toward massive change.

Originally from the US, she has lived and worked in the US, the Netherlands and Sweden. In her spare time, Angela enjoys traveling, writing, cooking and problem-solving.