Adrian Westaway

Adrian is founder of Special Projects, a design and invention studio based in London, and previously ran the award winning design studio, Vitamins.

Adrian uses technology to make magic. His backgrounds in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Design combined with the fact that he is a full member of the Magic Circle help him to understands how things work, and how they will work in the future while at the same time keeping a strong focus on interaction and experience. Adrian was made the first ever James Dyson Fellow in 2007, and was made a fellow of the Royal Commission of 1851 in2010 for his work on gesture based interactive lighting systems.

He has worked as a technology consultant for creative collective Greyworld and the BBC, as well as for consumer electronics brands including Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry, work which has taken him everywhere from Seoul to Vermont to Vienna – always with a pack of cards in his back pocket. He is currently developing a computer vision based Calendar made of entirely out of Lego, and teaching Magic and Design workshops worldwide.