Adam Little

I’m Adam – a designer committed to finding approaches that challenge the status quo.

For the past decade, I’ve worked alongside organizations to help them solve their toughest problems by designing and building human-centered digital products and services.

I’m a generalist with deep expertise in user experience research and design. I have led field studies, design sprints, service design projects, and training workshops for people and organisations across the globe.

As a lead designer at Grameen Foundation’s AppLab, I designed and prototyped mobile financial services for people living on less than $2.00 per day. Most recently, I worked with Blue State to design and launch a platform that helps low-income households in California access the state’s ecosystem of programs fighting climate change and economic inequality. As a result, people can easily apply for low-carbon equity opportunities and program administrators are now more efficient in their roles because of digital application screening (dive into the project details).

When I’m not exploring record shops in foreign countries, I’m planning my next project or workshop where I can create meaningful work that creates a long-lasting footprint—for good.