Week One

(July 9-13th, 2012)

Faculty: Matt Cottam & Maia Garau

This five-day course will combine brief lectures, hands on exercises, film viewings and discussions to introduce students to a set of core interaction design concepts, methods and tools. Interaction design touches a broad range of experiences including products, software and services.

Though the topics covered have direct implications for the design of interactive digital experiences, we will not use computer hardware or software in our exercises—instead the course will explore digital interaction concepts through purely analogue projects.

Topics will include, but not be limited to, mental models, metaphors, affordances, usability, gestures, networks, sociality, and augmentation.

Interaction design, graphical user interface (GUI), tangible user interface (TUI), service design, product/service ecosystems, design fiction, storytelling, user research, usability, information architecture, information design, visual communication, mapping, metaphors, mental models, affordances, internet of things, locative media, pervasive computing, ubiquitous computing, embedded computing, urban computing, physical computing, sensing, handheld interfaces, hardware and software asymmetry, human-human interaction, mobiles, multiple lenses, multiple relationships, operating systems and applications, realtime, social networks, telepresent collaborative work.

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Kick-off breakfast at the studio at 9am on Monday morning.

The CIID studio will be used as a base but many of the activities will encourage participants to explore the city as a context.

4100DKK (approx. 550 Euro)