Week Two

There are two different options for this week (July 18th-22nd, 2011)
Computational Design OR Physical Prototyping

Faculty: Patrick Kochlik of The Product*

The aim of this five-day workshop is to introduce programming as a creative tool. The world we live in is more and more described by digital data which is stored and distributed via omnipresent networks. How specific sets of data manifest is determined by the hidden processing algorithms alone. Usually, the transformation from raw data to form serves a certain purpose, but it also bears a high aesthetic potential. Network-Input-Processing-Output.

Participants will learn/upgrade programming skills and will learn about system design by undertaking a simple assignment: translating data from an input medium to an output medium. During the workshop, a set of simple computer programs will be developed, each dealing with a defined input and output. The output will be aesthetically appealing and will serve as an input for one of the other programs.

Faculty: David Gauthier & Vinay Venktraman with Poul Levin and Finn Muller.

The aim of this five day workshop is to introduce participants to a subset of interaction design focusing on the physical embodiment of interactions. Through a set of lectures and hands-on prototyping exercises, participants will learn how to build physical artifacts using computer-aided tools and understand underlying processes involved in the crafting of object using computers. Forms, materials and fabrication processes are at the centre of this interaction design workshop.

Digital fabrication, desktop manufacturing, computer aided design (cad), computer aided manufacturing (cam), rapid prototyping, tangible user interfaces, affordances, human factors, product design, industrial design

At the end of this week there will be a combined exhibition showing a networked set of generative systems, and tangible models that demonstrate a range of prototyping techniques.

CIID Studio & Electronics Lab

3750DKK (approx. 500 Euro)