Intro to Service Design

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Making sense of complexity – using service design to integrate numerous needs, stakeholders, channels and touchpoints into one well-designed experience.

Workshop Dates: April 16–20, 2018

Systems, digital, physical, user journeys, experience prototypes, service blueprints, customer experience, touchpoints, co-creation, storytelling


As new technologies and digital information are increasingly embedded into our products and businesses, and as inspirational thinking in systems design and circular design drive innovation, well-designed ‘services’ are key in any successful business or organisation.This workshop will immerse you in the mindset of a service designer, using hands-on-learning to design experiences that encompass a myriad of touchpoints, people, and products. You will be zooming out to see the big picture and ecosystem, and then zooming in to explore the design of key moments and touchpoints. Over the course of the week, participants will work in small teams to design and prototype a service for people in Costa Rica. Teams will understand and map systems, co-create with customers and stakeholders, prototype the experience and experiment with storytelling to communicate their new service. A large focus will be on the service designer’s role in facilitating input from many stakeholders—from the executive to the sales associate—in creating a service.

Learning expectations:
Participants will: Develop a perspective on what service design means to you and ways that you can incorporate the methods into your work- Learn how to use key tools of service design, including journey maps, service blueprints, and experience prototyping.-Refine specific skills in systems thinking and synthesis, communicating complex services in engaging manners and facilitating stakeholder engagement and co-creation.

Participants will need a working level of spoken and written English. Be prepared to go out and speak to strangers. Knowledge of basic design is a plus.

Francesca Desmarais & Adam Little