Designing Interactive Spaces

An intro to designing powerful experiences that teach, convince and make you remember. Learn how to strategize and compose experiential environments for learning.

Workshop Dates: July 2 – 6, 2018

Also at CIID Summer School Kochi, India!


Experience design, experiential learning, user-centred design, design process, design strategy, rapid prototyping, emerging technologies, information design, storytelling


An experience is a powerful tool to help us understand and remember. It is the process of personally observing, encountering, or moving through a unique moment in time. Lately, we are seeing more and more schools, museums, news outlets, brands and even governments trying to harness the impact of experience through tactile, social and immersive spaces. Proliferation of technologies such as AR/VR, connected objects and interactive environments makes simulation and distribution of these experiences much more accessible. Passive customers, consumers and users become active audiences and participants. However, orchestrating these experiences to be effective and actually achieve the communication objectives, requires a careful design process.

In this workshop, we’ll learn to break down areas of knowledge, structuring them into information architectures, communication goals and defined messages. We will introduce you to a set of methodologies and techniques that will help you craft learning experiences for various audiences, contexts and objectives. We’ll look at different mediums for experiential learning and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Through a healthy mix of theory, case studies, hands-on exploration and group reflection you will learn how to create powerful and exciting experiential narratives that achieve your communication goals.

Learning Expectations

  • Gain skills in content mapping, design strategy and experience prototyping.
  • Gain an understanding of how to design for different audiences and levels of knowledge.
  • Utilize hands-on experiments to test concepts and approaches
  • Learn and practice rapid prototyping, body storming and quick sketching
  • Understand how experiential design for learning can be applied to use cases ranging from museums to schools and from brands to governments


This course is open to anyone who is interested and curious. The course will be particularly relevant to those that deal with communicating to audiences in one way or another or have the aspiration to do so in the future. Whether that is a designer to users, a teacher to students, a journalist to readers, a government to citizens, or a company to customers.

Faculty: Zaza Zuilhof and Rosalind Paradis

Where: United Nations City Copenhagen

Participants: People from all over the of the world. All backgrounds are welcomed.

Language: All courses are taught in English

Fee: 7.300 DKK / 980 EUR per workshop. 10% student discount!

Schedule: The workshops generally run from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Tuesday and Friday’s activities will run until 7 pm.

Enrol nowThere is a maximum number of 20 places available for each workshop, first comes first served. Enrolment will be closed when the workshops are full.

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