Ideation Bootcamp

A field guide for the theory and practice to how teams of awesome people can consistently envision what’s next

Workshop Dates: July 4th – 8th, 2016

Keywords: ideation, futurecasting, concept generation, storytelling, user-centred design, scenario building, critique, concept development, concept refinement


Did you ever have an idea that you tried to share with others and struggled to get it out? Perhaps you used a lot of hand gestures trying to capture the ephemeral notion in the air between you and audience or maybe you drew something quickly only to have people unable to see what you were saying.

Maybe you’ve gotten yourself a coveted job where you are in charge of innovation lab and have the budget and space to finally set up to build the next big thing and are uncertain of how to get there.

Perhaps you are moving from developing your ideas solo to working with a multidisciplinary team and struggling with how to critique or develop ideas together.

It’s okay. You are not alone. As we grow as design professionals we all reach a place where consistently being able to develop and share ideas becomes a critical part of how we bring value and impact to the world. This difficult skill to master is often shrouded in a secretive ambiguous process. We are here to demystify how teams can be inspired to generate great concepts, evaluate those concepts to get the the best ones, and then refine them until they are ready to share with the world.

Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality. Charles Eames

In this workshop, the faculty will be sharing what they’ve learned from over a decade in working with teams on how to capture, generate and develop ideas. These are the tried and true methods for the process of ideation in a multi-disciplinary team environment for high-stakes engagements.

You will kickstart your journey to developing a series of skills, and understand the theory behind the methods that allow teams to work together in the ideation process, as well as techniques to identify and get past the most common pitfalls.

In short, this is workshop will teach you how to have just enough structure to thrive in creative chaos.

The output of the workshop will result in a sketchbook showing your progress in communicating ideas. A final highly developed concept to share online. The creation of ‘concrete’ artefacts will help the participants not only express intangible concepts but also force them to create distinct outputs when considering the crossover of what is possible and what is impactful.

Learning expectations:

  • Be able to rapidly develop presenting complicated ideas succinctly.
  • Be able to choose a medium for developing ideas, and execute at various levels of fidelity.
  • Learn how to assess and critique design work that covers abstract concepts.
  • Understand the value of critique and its use as a collaborative tool.
  • Communicate and recruit people to a vision of the future.
  • Understand the theory and role ideation as it pertains to bringing impactful design solutions to life.

Prerequisites: None!

Ahmed Riaz