Designing through Filmmaking

Create product videos with cinematic polish and emotional impact

Workshop Dates: July 25th – 29th

Keywords: video, concept generation, storytelling, user-centered design, scenario creation

Products are complicated. Subtle value propositions. Rampant competition. Connected ecosystems. Getting across the features and essence of a product has never been more difficult.

If done properly, film serves as a way to express this wealth of complexity through layered storytelling, nuanced detailing, and emotional delivery. By using the staples of filmmaking — character arcs, heroes’ journeys, quality cinematography, climactic action — we can create brief concept and product videos that communicate the core ideas behind a product or service and resonate on a personal level with their audience. Moreover, those videos can serve as a way to prototype, validate, and enrich product ideas, facilitating the optimization of workflows and tasks for product design and engineering teams.

“The truth of a thing is the feel of it, not the think of it.”
Stanley Kubrick

This course aims to help participants with their storytelling and filmmaking abilities, using the medium of video. Participants will start by taking an idea or product that they are passionate about and deducing the core messages based on their target audience. They’ll then work through the best emotional way to convey these messages through foundational filmmaking techniques. We will fully script, storyboard, shoot, and edit these videos, taking into account best practices around camera movement, use of music, casting, and use of dialogue.

Learning expectations:

  • Develop an approach to creating emotional videos for products and concepts
  • Learn basic video and editing skills
  • Learn how to assess and critique film work that covers abstract concepts
  • Learn practical idea generation and critical thinking methods
  • Understand the role of storytelling in the development of products

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with iMovie or editing software. You must bring your own high definition camera and a laptop.

Taylor Hamilton (frog)
Evan Hamilton (Alta Motors)