James Zhou

Nationality: Canadian
Area of Expertise: Philosophy, International Relations, Industrial Design

James is a Canadian interaction designer with a background in philosophy. He is interested in the intersections where design meets impact, tangible meets intangible, and human meets AI.

Before graduating from the Industrial Design Intensive program at the Umeå Institute of Design, he studied philosophy at Macalester College and worked at the Embassy of Canada in Beijing. He was frustrated with the restrictions in the public sector, and opted to solve problems from a creative and hands on approach. He believes that design is the perfect balance between creativity and impact.

James has lived and studied in multiple countries around the world. He uses his multicultural sensitivity and critical thinking skills to design ethical solutions with people’s best interests in mind. He is a keen prototyper and likes to tinker with micro-controllers, laser cutters, and the occasional Processing. He loves a good story and he designs with that in mind.

He recently interned for North Kingdom in Skellefteå, Sweden working on variety of projects focused on VR experiences.