Interaction Design Foundations

Explore the nature and aesthetics of interaction design. Practice creativity in a hands-on studio environment.


Workshop Dates: July 6-10th
Keywords: hands-on, team work, skills

This five day course focuses on interaction design foundations, history, critique, aesthetics, and contemporary issues in a studio environment. It provides a great intro to new practitioners as well as an in-depth exploration of interaction design foundations for experienced designers. The course is a hands-on studio class giving participants space and guidance to delve deeply into formal and aesthetic aspects of interaction design and get experience working in a traditional studio environment.

Through a series of lectures, films, history, and studio practice, participants will explore the nature and aesthetics of interaction design in digital and physical space through the lens of design foundations, individual and group studio practice including critique, individual and team work, design synthesis, and more. Fun!

Matt Nish Lapidus – Partner and Design Director, Normative
Blair Johnsrude – Associate Design Director, Normative