Sebastian Hunkeler

Country: Switzerland
Area of expertise: Computer science, IoT, Interaction Design

Hi, I’m Sebastian and I live in Switzerland right next to the beautiful lake of Zurich. After graduating with a Master’s degree in computer science I started to work as a software engineer for the University of Bern.

Since then I’ve been focusing on mobile app development. During my work on an iPad application for carrying out medical examinations, I realised that designing for doctors who may have never seen an iPad before is both challenging and fascinating. I discovered that designing good software is only one side of the story. Truly understanding our users was the crucial part. 

The joy of solving people’s everyday problems is what ultimately got me interested in interaction design. I’m looking forward to deepening my interaction design knowledge during the CIID workshops.

In my free time I enjoy running, paragliding, socialising and tinkering with IoT devices.

Twitter: @sbhklr