Alfred Holmen

Just Real Enough
Happily Ever After: Storytelling through Interaction Design
Service Design through the lenses of scale and context
Applied service design techniques

Country: Norway

Areas of expertise: Service Design, Complex Systems

Originally from Oslo, Norway, I moved to Loughborough near Nottingham to study ergonomics and human factors design. Half way through my bachelors I moved back to Oslo to work for a design company called Halogen. There is learned the value of service design and systems design and saw first hand the impact on real people and real business.

I then moved back to England, where I successfully organized the global service jam for the Loughborough Design School. It was great fun despite only managing a bitter 2nd place for my team. That will probably haunt me forever.

The future will include the CIID summer school and a masters in design at the Oslo school of architecture and design. Looking forward to both.