Summer School around the World

Due to COVID 19 – our Summer Schools are being converted in to a Digital Learning Platform.

Summer School around the World is an educational platform that provides the tools and skills to implement life-centred innovation strategies on an individual and organisational level. All workshops are led by world-class experts and taught under the umbrella of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

What is it about?

The Summer School experience is comprised of a range of diverse, curated workshops built upon a foundation of rapid prototyping and design thinking. Participants from around the world will collaborate through a hands-on approach to learning, facilitated by leading international practitioners. The program empowers individuals with the tools and skills for successful innovation and design. Our workshops are not designed to create solutions for a particular issue, but rather for the participant to acquire new approaches and competencies that will allow them to embrace future challenges in a novel way, with confidence. It’s a transformational experience, compressed in a very short time.

Who should join?

We are looking for individuals with a passion for learning and the drive to apply their newly acquired knowledge to their work and life. We follow a ‘learning by doing’ philosophy. Previous knowledge of interaction design is not required as we believe that an appetite for trying new things, and a willingness to work collaboratively is more important than prior knowledge or relevant work experience.


Summer School Costa Rica 2020 Summer School Copenhagen 2020
Summer School India 2020 Winter School Tokyo 2021