Herin Haramoto

Nationality: Japanese
Area of Expertise: Business Administration, Industrial Design

Herin is a Japanese designer with a background in business administration. Having been exposed to multiple cultures and societies, she developed a strong passion for understanding people and making their lives better. She stepped into the design field in hopes of making better connections between people and the environment, and to bring a better experience to individuals throughout her career.

Prior to her studies in industrial design at Umeå Institute of Design, she studied business and cultural studies in Japan & France and worked as HR & Finance consultant in the oil & gas industry in the Middle East for 4 years.

At UID, she immersed herself into analyzing users and finding their true needs, prototyping, and creating user-based solutions; and worked on various projects including industrial design, interaction design, and service design collaborating with a multidisciplinary team. Recently, Herin interned for North Kingdom in Skellefteå, Sweden as a Creative Strategist specializing in design research and business development.

She hopes to follow, stay close to people, and apply her knowledge and passion for solving problems whether in tangible or intangible ways.