Kevin Cannon

Country: Ireland
Area of Expertise: Web & Interactive Design

Kevin is a designer with over 6-years experience in interactive design, branding and visual communications. Working in both design studios and as a freelance designer, he has been involved in variety of projects ranging from band websites and financial web applications to interactive installations for children. In addition to commercial work, he also creates interactive art which has been exhibited in the US, Ireland, Denmark, Austria and the UK.

Kevin has become increasingly excited about digital design that moves beyond the desktop and away from the screen. In order to make this next step, he has taken a one year career break to study on the Interaction Design Pilot Year, where he is working with amazing people and learning how to apply interaction to products, services and experiences. He believes that design is not just about making something pretty, but something that works well. It’s as much about understanding user behaviour as it is about choosing the right style.

Work: Pilot Year