Platform for Action – Sustainable changes by You and Me

DSB finds itself in a key position in the climate crisis issue. Partly by coincidence, since trains are the ‘right’ choice of transport from a CO2 emission point-of-view. And partly because DSB has a strong environmental policy and record on purchases, materials, waste disposal and even architecture.

That key position could be used and expanded: In addition to acting responsibly as a business, DSB could take upon itself the obligation to lead in promoting awareness of how to deal with the climate crisis. Not solely in the field of train transport, but in general by helping and hosting the collection and sharing of knowledge and ideas in Denmark.

Lavrans Løvlie, Anders Kjeseth Valdersnes and John Holager from live|work were the visiting faculty leading this workshop.

The industry project partner was DSB Design Vision Lab represented by Mikael Fuhr.

DSB website: www.dsb.dk