In this workshop the students were asked to design interactive installations for a Boutique Hotel. They took an inspirational trip to the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen which was to be used as a starting point. Through their work at the Interaction Lab at Rockwell Group, visiting faculty Joshua Walton and James Tichenor work in an irresponsibly fast paced mode of storytelling, prototyping, designing, developing, and installing interactive design work, they simulated that environment on this course and taught methodologies for concepting, prototyping for interactive spaces, and how to presenting these ideas. The course was split into one overarching individual project and a series of tangent projects. Students had total flexibility in the tools they used to achieve their projects. Learning expectations were to:

  • Develop a set of skills for rapid prototyping
  • Develop an intuition about what to make to tell a story
  • Become more honest about your work
  • Develop an understanding of designing for spaces
  • Apply talents to a specific project

The students were evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Spatial thinking: how did the student’s design fit with the space, the people, and the program.
  • Suspending belief / disbelief: how did the student accept the fantastical and bring skeptical pragmatism?
  • Development: how much did the student’s understanding of the field increase over the course of the workshop?
  • Commitment: how much energy and effort did the student invest over the course of the workshop?
  • Collaboration: how much effort did the students invest in explaining to or discussing with others?
  • Intensity: how intense is the final, presented work of the student?