Wind Chimes

Describe the desired experience and how it works in the space?
The brief suggested an installation in the SAS hotel by Arne Jacobson and my first reaction to the lobby space was to create a transition while entering from the busy street to a very calm and stagnant space. By simulating a wind chime experience I wanted to create playfulness in that very formal lobby. When one enters the space, this wind chime would be like welcome music.

What did my prototype reveal?
This prototype simulates a wind chime experience in software rather than an actual physical prototype. It captures movement in the space through a video camera and triggers each of the dots (bells), which generate particular sounds as one moves in front of the camera.

If I could do another prototype…
The next development in the prototype will be making an actual installation with bells (these may be mounted on ceiling). As one moves underneath this would simulate wind, which would play the sounds – a physical wind chime.