Touch Wall

Describe the desired experience?
The SAS Royal Hotel is perceived to be ugly by some local people who think that it doesn’t fit into the Copenhagen cityscape. My idea was to create a connection between the building and people passing by, by enabling them to interact with the window of the lounge space. People could have fun playing on the wall or another possible scenario is that they can also access information about the hotel in order to appreciate it’s history more.

How does it work in the space?
In an idle state, the interactive wall displays a wallpaper which is a static image of an ornament inspired by nature. When a person comes close enough to the wall it will light up and show an interactive menu with 4 icons. By touching one of the icons with your palm you can choose between different modes like interactive bricks, a face following you, or a light show.

What did my prototype reveal?
I was very surprised that people were amazed by simples interactions like the wall lighting up when you approach it. Experiencing a wall that can sense your presence was such a new thing to them and they were very engaged in the interaction.

If I could do another prototype…
I would like to make an even a bigger screen so I could make animations following people as they pass near the wall for example.