The Light Chandelier

The left side of the lobby in the SAS hotel does not seem inviting at. The space seems empty in spite of the amazing furniture. Three islands of the egg chair and the swan chair stand like museum pieces with their backs turned to the people in the lobby. People seem to doubt whether they are supposed to sit down in them or not. This emptiness of the space and the loneliness of the chairs leaves you with a sad feeling.

I wanted to make the chairs become more approachable to the guests.

So I created an interactive light chandelier as something beautiful to break up the sadness of the lobby.

The inspiration came from seeing a picture of a little guy in the borneo jungle standing in the middle of a butterfly swarm. I wanted to be that little guy with butterflies surrounding me, mesmerizing me, making me feel happy.

The light chandelier consists of three layers of fabric, hung on individual rings that are decreasing in size inside each other. A projector sends out a film and projects it on the see-though fabric, creating an effect of the same dots being in many places at once, which increases the erratic behavior of the dots that I want.

When people sit down in the chairs, the chandelier starts a mesmerizing flow of bubbles/butterlies. This is done with a pressure sensor under the seat.

If the project was further developed, it should interact with the number of people sitting down. So that it means something if you are one person or 4 persons. Also it should “invite people over” by interacting with the distance someone would have to the chair areas. How this should happen, will need to be developed to get the best possible experience.