Suspended Light Garden

Describe the desired experience?
The SAS Hotel Lobby in Copenhagen, designed in 1960 by Arne Jacobsen, seems to have lost some of the original fascination. The overall atmosphere is a bit lonely and it is difficult to guess where are all the facilities are, in fact there is no signage at all.

I designed a ‘soft’ wayfinding system that would define a path to the concierge – creating a more poetic scenario – through the use of many light sources.

How does it work in the space?
My concept is a path of suspended lights that change their brightness value and shape according to the proximity of the customer.

When a guest enters the lobby, a ‘blossom’ of lights will show which is the right direction to the concierge, fading in and out. The shape of the lamps – structured with Memory Shape Alloy – will change, due to the heat produced by the light source.

What did my prototype reveal?
I prototyped the light change with Arduino and Processing (using Firmata to communicate to the board) and created a 3D model of the lobby to understand better the space and to place all the light sources. This 3D model was imported in to Processing to simulate the guest’s passage and the consequential mutation of the brightness value.

If I could do another prototype…
I would do the lamp prototype in Memory Shape Alloy!