Shadow Catching

In this project my aim was to create an installation that would allow people to interact with a projection of their shadows. The SAS Royal Hotel has a very interesting space in the lobby which would be ideal for an installation which reacts to people as they enter the hotel.

This was a ‘skills upgrade’ course, so I decided to improve my programming skills and try out OpenFrameworks, a set of C++ libraries aimed at creating interactive art. I was particularly interested in being able to align the projected area and camera area in real time.

Josh & James from The Rockwell Group use OpenFrameworks for many of their architectural installations so they guided me towards creating a working prototype. Learning C++ was a big task but I eventually got a demo up and running where you could define an area of interest on the video and catch a single ball with the shadow of your hand.

There were a lot of issues such as fluctuations in daylight that had a large impact on performance. In the future I hope to build on this prototype, make more options for adjusting thresholds in a live situation and eventually create a full installation for interacting with shadows.