Activated Stairs

Describe the desired experience?

After observing the environment of the SAS Royal Hotel, I found the atmosphere in the lobby to be a little cold. I decided to design a sound experience for this space to make the people in the hotel feel more comfortable.

How does it work in the space?

Activated Stairs is a responsive sound installation. Using Piezoelectric sensors as input, musical sounds are generated by a program as the output. In this prototype, when the user walks up or down the stairs, the melody of “do re mi fa sol” and the melody of “sol fa mi re do”, are played.

What did my prototype reveal?

My prototype reveals the relationship between the sounds, the space, and the activities of the people in the space. The generation of sounds activated by people in the context of a specific place can change and create a good atmosphere.

If I could do another prototype…

A flight of stairs act as a bridge connecting two or more spaces, and people must walk up or down to get another place. The role of stairs in a space is special and important. Based on that, if I could do another prototype, I would use different sensors and design different audio or visual outputs to experiment on stairs in different location.