A Sensory Journey to Las Cruces

All the mystical creatures, humans & animals are journeying across to celebrate Las Cruces’ 100th year anniversary. This project is a futuristic party perception; using real life stories of the local bravery and mixing it with future hopes of overcoming climate change and embracing nature to its fullest.

The party conceptualizes a time where animals and humans coexist and live in harmony, as one. The celebration is designed for all the local residents as well as friends from the neighboring villages and towns of Los Anglos, Copal & Conception alike.

Guests are invited to embark upon a hovercraft, flying them over the beautiful landscapes of Las Cruces, as they fly over, they see baby sloths giving humans a yoga lesson, osprey birds migrating across the sky & sloths practicing synchronized swimming to get in shape for design week!

As guests fly past birds, they feel the wind across their faces, as they pass the sloths, they feel a splash of water, as the hovercraft trembles, they feel the vibrations. Guests on board feel all these sensations in real time effect.Once at the party, three storytelling performances take place; retelling the historic stories of the legends of Las Cruces.

The value of this experience is to understand and embrace the stories and roles of important individuals that helped the town and biological station strive. The learnings found was that this beautiful biological station survives and holds a special charm till this day, not because of its iridescent landscape, but rather due to the well nurtured relationships amongst its people.