Hey, Are You Out?

‘Hey, Are You Out?’ is a conceptual installation that challenges urban dwellers in the context of being oblivious to their surroundings. With the same set of patterns happening everyday, people become blind to their monotonous routines and stop paying attention to their surroundings. A phone box was chosen as the form for this installation – as much as they are littered everywhere in urban areas, they have slowly become part of urban background and are hardly being noticed anymore. Using the metaphor of an elevator, ideas of anxiety induced in an enclosed space, heightened senses, and a shift in perception after shock are being explored.

Set on a sidewalk, the phone box randomly rings, waiting for a passerby to pick up the phone. The phone box automatically locks the door as soon as the passerby picks up the phone inside. A blackout follows, the passerby inside is then challenged to break out of the phone box by moving a lit up knob on a wheel to a specific position. As the knob slides around the wheel, the phone box rotates, leaving the passerby disoriented. When the knob reaches the right position, the knob turns green and the door unlocks. By placing the subject inside a small enclosed space, they are forced to leave their thoughts behind and focus on survival instincts, where they take back control of their lives. 

‘Hey, Are You Out?’ was created as part of the week-long Introduction to Interaction Design class. The team explored the application of metaphors in design based on Bill Verplank’s interaction design framework, as well as the relationship between behaviour of objects, environment, and people.