Truth Hurts

“Truth Hurts”, is a socially provocative & light-hearted game that challenges the way in which we interact with one another.

It is for anyone who enjoys socializing and meeting new people. Players in the game take the appearance of a circular blob and are able to change their size and colour as well as choose a specific ‘societal’ avatar such as ‘techy bro’, ‘from da hood’ or ‘SWAGtastic’ amongst others. The avatar they choose will influence the colour of their blobs boarder.

As the players enter the ‘bar scene’, their choice of movement will shoot off an automated social commentary. If they huddle around in a big group the social commentary might say ‘original aren’t you?’ Or “bunch of sheep’, if you’re by yourself it might say ‘i’m a cat person anyway’ or ‘leave me alone’. If you are in a couple it might say ‘fancy a drink?’, in a group of 3 it may say ‘fancy a threesome?’.

The game analyses your move in relation to where you go and how many people you interact with. It tries to humorously assume certain social situations that no one feels comfortable to speak out about. It is meant to be a fun loving game that provokes social questions.

Creating the game was enjoyable yet tricky on many levels, it was clear that the interactions needed to be not only interesting yet also stimulating at the same time. To achieve this many different layers needed to be added, such as an avatar, flickering colours on collision, adjustable size, colour and much more.