Transpose is a device that uses playful trickery to help people enjoy unpleasant sensations. In particular this project hones in on noise pollution. It was created for people who experience noise pollution more frequently, i.e city workers who need to cross busy streets with construction noise in the background, or commuters on a bus who often experience the constant beeping of cars during rush hour.

Transpose  was designed during a three day exercise which explored how concepts in nature influence the man-made world. Transpose  was inspired by the Rafflesia Arnoldii plant, more commonly known as Corpse Lily or Stinking Corpse Lily. This plant has a brown coloration and emanates a smell very similar to that of rotting flesh, hence the nickname, to attract flies to it so it can pollinate. 

This method of using harmless trickery was fascinating and was explored further with the different senses; taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch. Hearing and sound was eventually settled on for the showcase of playful trickery. 

Transpose  is a special pair of headphones that filters unpleasant or annoying sounds into something the user wants to listen to. This type of sound transmogrify is a way to adapt to survive the everyday noises of a neighbourhood of a city, kids noise, rush hour, construction, and can help cultivate a peace of mind and reduce anxiety in a hectic environment.

It is assumed that being able to have a more pleasant soundscape could bring people and community together. The learnings that came out of this was that playful trickery can be an interesting way to get people to change their behavior in a positive manner, hence the method deployed.