Sophia Höfling

Nationality: German
Area of Expertise: Technology Management, Service Design, Business Modeling, Organisational Culture

Sophia is a multidisciplinary service and business designer with a passion for entrepreneurship, people & technology. Her journey started with studying industrial engineering at Technical University Munich, Instituto Tecnólogico de Buenos Aires and Columbia University New York. Next to her main studies, she completed the Technology Management Program at the Center for Digital Technology and Management, which was focused on prototyping digital products.

After graduating, Sophia joined the high-tech startup NavVis as one of the first employees. She built and led the Customer Experience Team – an interdisciplinary group of 25 engineers, designers and business builders who gather user insights, craft experiences and deliver services to customers worldwide. Genuinely interested in learning and teaching, Sophia has held various workshops and has spoken at conferences such as Mind The Product Engage and CX Interactive.

In her free time, Sophia is a DIY furniture builder and sports enthusiast to be found on the basketball court or yoga mat.

In the future, Sophia would like to build a company, which positively contributes to society – breathing technical innovation and people-centred design. Hence, what seems most exciting about CIID is its focus on socially relevant projects. She is looking forward to learn about designing interactions in the area of social innovation.