Siddharth Ahuja

Nationality: Indian
Area of Expertise: Visual Design, Digital Interface Design

Siddharth is a visual designer who aspires to explore design thoughts and philosophies, and build on them so he can solve real world problems for people and help make their lives more convenient. He believes design encompasses all fields in life, and wishes to design for the present as well as the future.

He has been in love with computers since childhood, which is why he completed his Bachelor’s of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering in 2017. However, Siddharth discovered the field of design during this time and fell in love with it. What started out as graphic design helped lay a foundation for visual design, which is what he’s worked as since graduation. As a visual designer at smallcase, he picked up skills like interface design, experience design, user research, psychology and analytics by designing for a new generation of Indian investors.

At CIID, Siddharth is excited at the thought of being surrounded by peers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, each with their own valuable insights and experiences, and educators who are experts in their field. He hopes to create innovative and timeless products, by learning and combining his knowledge of engineering and design which will help in building a better world.