Peijing (“PJ”) Teh

Nationality: Singaporean
Area of Expertise: Industry development, business strategy, business innovation, ageing, government policy

PJ graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Physics from Rice University in 2006, and worked brief stints (respectively) in a chemical research institute, an investment bank in Hong Kong, and a proprietary day-trading firm in Singapore. Since 2009 he has been with the Singapore Economic Development Board in various roles, ranging from the industry development of Singapore’s energy and chemicals sector, to attracting investments from Indian corporates. His last stint was with the Strategic Planning division, where he was part of a new initiative (named “Create”) aimed at helping large companies to create new businesses.

His experience in the Create initiative exposed him to design and ageing, through his organising of the first-ever ageing “unconference” in Singapore. He appreciated and admired the “soul in the game” of many designers. He also encountered the huge gap in understanding of the elderly’s needs, wants and aspirations. This gap piqued his interest in exploring how interaction design might shape better solutions. He hopes to be able to design and build solutions which bridge this gap. He also believes that better interaction design could help people be kinder, more compassionate and happier. By doing so, he hopes to reduce suffering and unhappiness in the world.

PJ likes to volunteer with the elderly: he is a trained community screener of dementia and depression, and is also a trained elderly befriender. In his spare time, he likes to read and investigate Early Buddhism, and also likes to meditate, hang out with his wife, play with his cats, and work out with his barbells.