Fei Kwok

Nationality: Chinese
Area of Expertise: Law, Business Management

Fei always had a strong passion for art, design and cultures. She grew up living in various countries and loves learning about and drawing inspiration from everyone and everything around her. She graduated with a law and business studies degree and went on to practice law with experience in Hong Kong and New York. Despite having started a career in the legal profession, Fei’s desire for creativity led her to take the leap to explore new directions.

Keen to explore the relationship between people, design and technology, Fei hopes to combine her love for aesthetics with functionality to deliver sustainable solutions through thoughtful design. She enjoys every stage of the design process and is committed to turning ideas into reality. Fei believes in the power of positivity, doing good and bettering the world she lives in.

In Fei’s free time, you will find her enjoying coffee, engaging in meaningful conversations and appreciating every present moment.