Aditi Vijay

Nationality: Indian
Area of Expertise: Graphic Design and Printmaking

Aditi is a graphic designer who is passionate about branding, illustration and printmaking. She graduated from Maeer’s MIT Institute of Design in Pune, India in 2016.

Since then she has been picking up skills working with product designers, UX designers and graphic designers, and playing a multi-disciplinary role, where she gets to be a packaging designer in the morning and a UI designer by evening.

While Aditi is adept at designing aesthetics for brands, she feels the need to learn more about research and conceptualisation.

Aditi sees CIID as an ideal platform for her to learn these skills as she feels it will teach her the best methods, the right direction and new perspectives.

Apart from the usual, Aditi likes to draw, experiment with linocut, play table tennis, collect stamps, coins, rocks and some other unusual things.